Small Elderberry Syrup (250ml)

Elderberry Syrup with Echinacea 250ml 
100% Natural - No thickeners, fillers, preservatives, chemicals or artificial sweeteners.
Named ‘nature’s medicine chest of all herbs’ by the ‘father of medicine’, Hippocrates, the elderberry is best known as a powerful antioxidant and immune system booster.
Important health benefits of the elderberry syrup:
  • Improves and strengthens the immune system 
  • Reduces flu duration and alleviates symptoms 
  • Relieves colds 
  • Treats upper respiratory infections 
  • Slows down the oxidation of our cells - keeping our bodies younger for longer
  • Relieves seasonal allergies 
  • Relieves inflammation by reducing swelling in mucous membranes
  • Aids in treating anaemia 
  • Maintain cardiovascular health including healthy cholesterol levels
  • Maintains healthy blood sugar levels
  • Promotes detoxification
  • Soothes upset stomach and relieves gas  
  • Aids with indigestion
  • Eases muscle and joint pain
  • Slows down ageing 

Vitamins and minerals: 

  • Vitamin A 
  • Vitamin C 
  • Vitamin B6
  • Folate
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium 
  • Manganese 
  • Potassium 
  • Copper 
  • Zinc
  • Selenium

Ingredients: Organic Elderberries (Sambucus Nigra), Cloves, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon, Ginger Root, Star Anise, Raw Honey, Echinacea Purpurea, Spring Water (Sourced From Organic Land)

Suggested use for strengthening the immune system:

  • Adults: 1-2 tablespoons daily (15-30ml) 
  • Children (over 12 months): 1 teaspoon daily (5ml)

When feeling under the weather, increase the recommended daily intake to 3-4 times a day and then reduce to normal when recovered.

Servings amount: approx 30 servings 

How to take:

Sip it straight from a shot glass, or enjoy it with:

  • Drinks: lemonade, fruit tea, smoothie, or juice;
  • Mixed into yoghurt or oatmeal;
  • Poured atop pancakes, waffles, French toast, or ice cream.

Storage: Keep refrigerated at all times, even before opening and consume before the best before date on the label. Our Syrup is unpasteurised and has a shelf life of approximately 3 months from the date it is manufactured.

Note: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease